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September 19, 2011
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Justice League redesigned by StockmanArt Justice League redesigned by StockmanArt
Gender swapped redesigns of the Justice League. Tried to add a bit of functionality to the costumes. Things like hair bands here and there.

Also heavily inspired by the batman beyond costume for Bat(wo)man. Thought it would suit a female character well.

I also thought it would be funny if instead of Wonder Womans Lasso of Truth, if Wonder Man had a Chain of Command. Yuk yuk.
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I think the BB look for Batwoman is a good idea. I've seen a bunch of different 63'd Batmans with variants of his usual costumes and very few of them are very intimidating on her. But this gives her a really nice demonic look.
AndresCuccaro Feb 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
All of them are great redesigns. Great work! :)
kyubiman Sep 7, 2013  Student
Chain of Command, Nyuk nyuk nyuk
firedrake54 Jun 10, 2013  Professional Interface Designer
I've always wanted to see the make forms drawn in the poses they so frequently put the females in. You've managed to avoid the stereotypical boob/butt shots.
Very nice! I really like the one for Superwoman, and think it would even work for Supergirl - much better than the New 52!
Thanks. The new Supergirl costume has grown on me. I think its a nice change for the time being.
Nara Jor-El, Super-Woman:
Raised by her birth mother Lara Lor-Van and adoptive father Jonathan Kent. Ship crashed with mom and daughter on Kent Farm years after Martha's death. In this universe, Nara has super-powers because she's special. Something her father gave for her, not biological powers, making her mother exactly like an human being, but smarter.

Regis "Rex" Phoebus, Marvel-Man:
The improbable scion of Juno and Hercules. Adopted by Jupiter and sent to Island of Delos to be created as a god. After the crash of a British Air Force Pilot on the island, Jenny Trevor, he was sent to check the story of the warrior-woman who said she was ruled by a queen and these world of new weapons.
In his travelling he felt in love with Jenny and abdicated from his future as a god, turning into the most powerfull mortal alive.

It's a work in progress.
very creative!
Bracey100 Apr 29, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Hmmm I think Aquaman works better as a chick. And holy sex change Batman but your Wonder Man looks like a badass!
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